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Watch. You'll Learn!

SAT Math Pro uses today's hottest technologies to deliver exceptional practice and instruction to students preparing for the math component of the SAT. Combining on demand video instruction with interactive quizzes, SAT Math Pro is a test prep system that you can count on 24/7. Best of all, SAT Math Pro is a completely free service. Any student with access to a home computer, a school computer lab or a public library can enjoy our learning programs.
Effective and Engaging Instruction

Watch and Learn: Our video lessons are designed to help you master the math sections of the SAT exam. SAT Math Pro simplifies your test prep time by delivering short, concise video instruction that specifically targets key math concepts found on the exam. Learn the math you need to know to get your best score possible. More than 6 hours of quality instruction now available!

Test and Assess: Each quiz module contains a 12 question, timed test presented in a multiple choice or open response format. At the end of the quiz, you will receive an assessment of your performance and a list of math topics that need further study and practice. You can then access step by step video solutions or go directly to a practice set.

Interactive Practice: Our Zap It! component provides the opportunity to master the problem types that are most difficult for you. Each practice question comes with one or two additional practice problems designed to reinforce the concepts covered in the video. Zap It! provides subtle variations of the main question, enabling you to thoroughly grasp the problem solving process.

Simulated Grid Ins: SAT Math Pro features an interactive "grid in" component to help you practice the open response section of the test. Using the interactive grid will help you become familiar with the proper way to record your answers. During the actual exam, you will have more time to focus on solving problems and gaining additional points.

Expert Instruction: We've trained hundreds of students for the SAT at our popular test prep center. We know how students learn and what teaching methods work best. Our math instructors are dynamic, knowledgeable professionals who deliver engaging video lectures.

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